Times And Seasons

Times And Seasons

If you go into any bookstore on January 1st you’re going to find books, and books, and more books on weight loss, and eating healthy.  [Also anything physical such as dieting, especially with an exercise component really lends itself to a coaching program. People need to be nagged into doing what they really don’t want to do!]


Because on January 1st, people make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and eat healthy. 

What do they buy for the next 3 months?  They buy books, and videos, and audios on how to lose weight.  You can see that in the bookstore. 

If you go to the bookstore 2 months before the election season, you’re going to discover that a bunch of the books are on election type topics, and the people, and the politics and that type of thing.

Those 2 ideas right there, give you proof that bookstores buy more books when they sell more on a topic.

So, now you can just go through your local bookstore, and look at topics that are featured, and get plenty of ideas for your next product.

There are of course all the holidays that come up. Easter, Christmas, Halloween,Mother’s and Father’s Days. If you can come up with generic evergreen gifts (such as pictures, online cards, story books etc) that are downloadable items, you can make a killing in certain weeks of the year.

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