Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This is the essential task to having a successful online business. Your task is to find out what people want. Often they go to a search engine and type in a word or phrase to find out what they want to know. These entries are know in the business as KEYWORDS. You can discover these keywords in a number of ways.

Below is a series of four online training classes held at WA. These are great examples of the training available here.


Class One – The Basics Of Technical Keyword Research

Class Two – Breaking Down Keyword Research

Class Three – Getting Use Out Of The Alphabet Soup

Class Four – to be released soon

There is a powerful keyword research tool called JAAXY available as part of your membership at WA. but you can go direct to JAAXY and use what level of access you need just for now. This is great for the initial research for a new site or program when the need is the greatest.

Keyword Tests

It only took a very few minutes to find the top 20 results on a variety of terms. If you were working in the makeup and beauty niche then how to cure dry skin on hands would be a good seed keyword to look at.

The following results came back. They are sorted into most searched for terms first.

How to cure dry skin on hands

You will see that the entered keyword is quite a way down the list. But this list gives you great ideas for a variety of blogposts and product recommendations. The Estimated Traffic column shows you the monthly visits you could expect if you were on page one of the search results. But look at the QSR column. This tells you the number of websites that actually feature that keyword. The SEO Power is a ranking from 1 – 100, the nearer to 100 the better. ALL THESE KEYWORDS HAVE GREAT SEO POWER. You could easily get number one rankings in search quite quickly. But if you are running ads then search position is of secondary importance.

You will notice in the middle that dogs are mentioned. This is great information if you are in the Pet Niche.

Alongside the search results will be a list of related terms that you can also use as seed keywords on the next search. This is illustrated here:

How to cure dog scratching

The seed keyword used for this list was:

How to cure dog scratching

The suggested list contained the following:

Related Terms

The list is much longer than shown. All the better to give you more keywords to work with.

Related to the first niche – health and beauty – there will be many people who want to know how to cover scars.

How to cover scars

Here again you see great QSR and SEO POWER information. You can also see in these examples the unsuitable keywords as they don’t really make sense. Yes some people have used them thats why they are there but it’s best to use human readable keywords.

This is just a very basic example of what Jaaxy can do for you literally within 8 minutes!